My Story

I help women create amazing lives.

My goal is to provide each woman all the tools she needs to rebuild her life.

Eight years into a loveless marriage I realized that I was going to end up getting divorced in my fifties because I wanted to “stay for the sake of my children.” I could not bear the thought of starting my life over again at that age. That realization shook me to my core. I asked myself, “Why am I punishing myself like this when I know I am not happy?

That was the beginning of my self-healing journey.


New life, new tools

As I navigated the aftermath of a difficult and painful divorce, I realized I was still not happy. Knowing that I needed help, I hired a coach. Coaching taught me how to look inward to figure out what I was truly desiring for my life. Once I came to understand what it was I wanted, my coach offered me the skills and guidance I needed in order to begin to achieve that.

The greatest gift and benefit I received from coaching are the lifetime tools that benefit every area of my life. I use these tools daily in order to keep myself conscious of the goals and plans that I have set for myself

I believe 100% that my life experience has served to enable me to help women navigate the uneasiness and discomfort of change just as coaching has done for me. Having a coach is life changing and a true opportunity for growth. Through my coaching program, I will meet with you on a weekly basis, help you learn new skills, identify the tools that you need and guide you in implementing them on your way to achieving your goals.

I Am Your Girl

Your accountability partner

I understand how difficult it is to take the first step in asking for help when it feels like you are powerless, or you have no idea where to even begin. Don’t let the fear of not knowing what to do paralyze you. Use the fear to empower you to move forward knowing that there is help and you don’t have to do this alone. Lean into the fear that comes with growth, you deserve so much more and you’re the only one that can take that next step for yourself. A better life is waiting for you and I am here cheering you on.