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Courage To Leave 01

Courage To Leave

Oftentimes we stay in relationships because we think we cannot find someone better or because we think it’s what is best for our child (ren). The truth is that staying in an unloving relationship not only hurts us because we continuously feel unworthy, but it also teaches our kids what love is “supposed” to look like.

In this phase of our work together we will:

● Get clarity on the issues you are facing in your relationships
● Determine which issues are in your power to change and which are not
● Decide if the issues that you cannot change are deal breakers for this relationship
● Make a plan with specific actions, dates and identify any obstacles

Courage To Leave
Courage To Change 02

Courage To Change

Leaving an unloving relationship is just the first step in a life changing process to live a better, more meaningful life. The next and very important step is identifying how you landed in an unloving relationship in the first place, so that you do not find yourself in the same type of relationship with someone else.

In this phase of our work together we will:

● Examine the 3 most recent relationships
● Identify all the similarities and differences in your past partners
● Make a list of all the red flags that you are attracted to
● Make a list of all the qualities you want in your next partner

Courage To Change
Courage To Love 03

Courage To Love

Once we finish the Courage to Change phase you will feel vulnerable because you have to face all the beliefs about yourself that have not served you. This is where the courage to love yourself is most important. This is the phase where we start uncovering the core of who you are and empowering you to be 100% authentic with yourself and others.

In this phase of our work together we will:

● Identify the ways in which you sabotage yourself
● Understand why you use these self-sabotaging methods
● Learn and implement new positive habits that will keep the self-sabotaging at bay
● Map out an attainable action plan for you to continue to grow and love yourself once our work together is done

Courage To Love


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